Hostirad (hostirad) wrote,

Detroit, then Chicago

Leaving this morning to start a road trip to Chicago. I'm looking forward to visiting with my relatives in Detroit on the way there, as our last visit was a good five years ago, for my cousin's wedding. On the agenda is the Detroit Zoo, which I have not seen since I was a little kid. Mostly, though, I just want to catch up with everyone, see their new homes, and so forth.

Chicago is the site of a conference on personality research, where I'll be presenting a poster. It will also be a homecoming for my wife, who spent the first year of her life in Evanston. Of course she doesn't remember living there, but we plan to visit some of the places that appear in photographs from the family album.

I'm wondering if I will have a chance to get in a couple of runs. I feel like I'm back on top of my running, taking second place in my age group in a 5K two weeks ago, and improving my time in the Arts Fest 10K last Sunday by 2:15 over last year.

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