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Ready to leave Adelphia

I have about had it with Adelphia. Getting disconnected every 5-10 minutes is not the way cable Internet is supposed to be. I was one of the first people in this community to sign up for cable modem service, back when TCI ran the show. I had to suffer through some growing pains as they got their system off the ground, but their service was extremely reliable. Then AT&T took over, and things were still great. But then AT&T left in a lurch just before Christmas vacation a couple of years ago, leaving us without a cable modem connection for game playing during the winter break. There was a lot of anger in the family at that point. Adelphia was supposed to be taking over and they were as slow as molasses in January, which is when we finally had our service restored. Then things were fine for a while until last summer when Adelphia customers were told that we could buy our own modem and save $5 a month in rental fees. Not bad, I thought, but why didn't they tell us this a long time ago so we could have started saving money earlier. I got my new modem and took back the original old model that TCI gave me, and the service seemed to work fine. For a while. But by mid summer I started experiencing repeated, unexpected disconnects. I called tech support and at first they had no suggestions. I called a week later and the technician noticed that they had not updated their config file for my new modem. Things seemed to improve after that, with only an occasional disconnect.

But about two weeks ago, it was though a wire had broken and was only occasionally making contact for my signal. Off for 5 seconds and then on again. Off for 5 minutes and then on again. Off for 10 minutes, then I got tired of waiting and would reset the modem. The signal would always return, but who knows for how long. I called the local branch of Adelphia to see if there was a physical problem in the area, and they said that we were unlucky to be in an area where the sudden influx of students who ordered service was overloading our local node. They said they had people working on the problem to correct it, but could not guarantee when the situation would be better. That was over a week ago, and my connection is even worse.

So last night I ordered DSL from Verizon. I had actually done this before during the gap between AT&T and Adelphia, but by the time the equipment arrived, Adelphia had started up their service. This time I am actually going to use it for a while and see how the speed compares to Adelphia on a good day. Even if Adelphia's signal becomes more reliable. If the DSL seems to be satisfactory after a month or so, I believe it will be time to kiss Adelphia goodbye.

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