Hostirad (hostirad) wrote,

Years ago I used to watch two shows on Fox News channel: FOX & Friends In the Morning and Fox News Watch. I remember groaning and wincing a lot while viewing the ideological rants on FOX & Friends. But I forced myself to watch the show anyway. I like to keep an eye on all sorts of people. Fox News Watch I actually enjoyed because the panel contained a variety of viewpoints across the political spectrum. It may have been the only genuinely fair and balanced show on the Fox News channel. Oddly, I found that Cal Thomas talking in this mixed panel was occasionally reasonable instead of the ogre he usually seems to be in his print columns.

At any rate, I stopped watching anything on Fox years ago. I had enough of Neanderthal Brian Kilmeade and the bubblehead female co-hosts on that show. And I started playing basketball early Sunday mornings instead of watching Fox News Watch.

Then yesterday I got an email from the Libertarian Party announcing a show called Freedom Watch that Fox was streaming on the Internet. The show was hosted by Andrew Napolitano, who talked to Peter Schiff, Lew Rockwell, and Ron Paul, among others. Definitely a show worth watching. It is archived on YouTube at .

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