Hostirad (hostirad) wrote,

Pleasant surprise from Sennheiser

After the Great Rebate Rip-Off, I took polyanarch's advice and wrote a letter to Sennheiser. Today I was pleasantly surprised to receive from them a small package with a couple of headphone accessories and the following letter from their product manager:

I received your rebate submission letter. I wanted to thank you for choosing our brand. It is likely that you submitted the EAN code, rather the the UPC code to the rebate processor. The EAN code is used in Europe, whereas the UPC code is used here in the states. They are clearly marked on the packaging and rebate form. We are happy to have you as a customer, and so I apologize for the inconvenience. I am happy to support the rebate, and your brand loyalty to Sennheiser. I have requested that the rebate processor fulfill your claim. Our office is an "open door" and we welcome suggestions, questions and comments . . . the customer is always #1 in our business practices. You may use your rebate tracking number [ ] to track the status of your rebate at

After a reply like that, I think my next pair of headphones will be Sennheisers.

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