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Rebate denial

I am very happy with the Sennheiser MX75 sport headphones I bought from Amazon at the end of July. Finally I have a pair of phones that do not fall out of my ears when I am running.

I thought I was going to be even happier when I received my $10 rebate from Sennheiser. To get the rebate you had to send not only a copy of your receipt, the UPC from the box, and a completed form, but also a set of old headphones. The last part was slightly annoying, as I had to use a special mailer package instead of an ordinary envelope, and extra postage. But I figured it was worth $10.

So I get an email from Sennheiser about 10 days after submitting, directing me to a Web site with the status of my rebate. I thought that was very cool, as usually it is weeks before you hear about rebates. But I was not pleased with the message there: Rebate denied because no valid UPC from MX75 was submitted.

What bullshit. I go to all this trouble and then the person who opened my package either lost the UPC or pretended I did not send it. I clicked on the support link to see if there was recourse. It turned out that customers who got the no UPC message could resubmit by sending in either the original UPC or a copy of it to a different address. That did me no good. I had sent the only copy of the UPC to them in the first place. I wrote a one-page letter explaining what happened and asking them to keep their end of the bargain. We'll see what happens.


Aug. 20th, 2008 12:59 am (UTC)
These rebate places are all liars. They make their money by denying rebates.

I've gotten so that I make a copy (in triplicate) of every piece of paper/UPC/POP/receipt they want. Then I make sure to send a copy of each with them. That lets them KNOW I made copies and am prepared to send more if they mess with me.

I've yet to have a problem since I started doing this.

If I do, I'm going to write to the company that gave the rebate in the first place (most rebate offers go to rebate specialists and are not run by the company giving the rebate in the first place I have noticed) and complain and demand that I get my extra postage back. So far I've not had to do that. When the people they hire to do the rebates open up their package to see that I've already made copies (and sent them one of each) they know I'm not the person to randomly mess with and deny.

It's nice to have my own copy machine too (laser printer/scanner unit) so this costs me just about nothing to implement although it does cost an extra stamp to send all that in the mail.
Aug. 20th, 2008 01:41 am (UTC)
These rebate places are all liars. They make their money by denying rebates.

Just like insurance companies make money by denying claims! (See my Anti-Insurance Manifesto)

Normally I do make copies of rebate materials. I guess I was in too much of a hurry to do it this time. I am, in fact, dealing with a rebate specialist company, and if I do not get satisfaction I may use your idea of telling Sennheiser how the rebate people are ripping me off. Thanks for the idea.