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I wonder what happened to gonadsandstrife

In the immortal words of Chauncey (Chance the) Gardner, "I like to watch." Nothing beats surfing the web and seeing what people have to say.

Sketch from UCB: "Are you trying to read my diary?"

My answer: I'm not just trying, I *am* reading your diary.

I have no established methods for finding what people say on the 'net. I have been doing a directory search on LJ members who live in State College on a fairly regular basis all summer. I got particularly intrigued by the ramblings of a pizza delivery guy who called himself gonadsandstrife. He apparently did something bad, although I never figured out what, and now seems to be in jail. His last posting was made by an acquaintance who said he had left for his sentencing.

The beginning of the semester has brought a wave of postings from Penn State students. I'll read a few of their diaries. Not that there's anything wrong with being a Penn State student (I was one once), but traditionally aged college students rarely have anything interesting to say that I haven't already heard before, sometimes from my own sons who are attending Penn State. I would like to know what is going on with gonadsandstrife.

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