Hostirad (hostirad) wrote,

New hobby: Running

Running is my new hobby. I'm not super-serious about it, at least yet. It's something I've always wanted to try. My father ran track in college, and my brother Jim ran in high school. Recently Jim has gotten back into it, partly because his son Tim ran in high school and is now running for Penn State. I followed Jim's discussions with a bunch of other cool people in a running forum, and I finally got to a point where I decided to go for it.

So a few weeks ago I told Jim that I wanted to run in an upcoming 5K race. He advised me against it, as it was only 10 days away, but knowing I was going to do it anyway, he gave me a miracle 10-day training program. The results were not bad: (I finished 30th out of 93 runners).

On July 4th I ran a 4K. Again, I was happy with the outcome. 145 out of 691. I'm digging this.

Today there were no gyms open for basketball, so I ran the longest training run this year, 10.2 miles, at a 10:36 pace, and am still exhilarated.

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