Hostirad (hostirad) wrote,

Kung Fu: The Best TV Series. Ever.

I'm purposely being hyperbolic in calling Kung Fu the best TV series ever. I do not really believe that drama or any kind of art or entertainment can be judged as "objectively good" and therefore one cannot call one TV show "objectively better" than another. You can judge the "goodness" of a show only by what it is "good for," that is, how effective the show is in creating certain effects. Those effects will differ across individuals. When a show creates the same, desirable effect on a group of people, they may claim that the show is "objectively good." But in reality, the show is only good for creating certain effects on a certain group of people.

If a group of self-acclaimed experts insist that a show is objectively better than others, they are merely saying that there is a consensus that the show meets their arbitrary standards. If the masses claim that a show is objectively a great show, it means that a lot of people like the way the show affects them.

What matters to me when I watch drama is the personal effect it has on me. Am I entertained? Did I learn something? Did the show evoke strong feelings, make me laugh or cry? Did it change the way I saw the world?

I am currently watching Kung Fu on DVD, over 30 years after watching it live, and I am reminded that the show made a profound impact on me that has lasted a lifetime. It forever changed the way I saw the world.
Tags: art, kung fu, kwai chang caine, values

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