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What quality/convenience in your life is worth paying a little extra for?

For a lot of stuff, generic is just fine for me. I don't see much difference from a name brand, and I can save some $.

But for some things, I'll pay an extra dollar for better quality or convenience. Examples:
Paper towels. Generics shred and won't absorb liquids for shit.
Shower spray. The pumps on generics fail all the time.
Zip-lock bags. Generic zip-locks don't seal.

A recent change I made has been from make-your-own orange juice from frozen concentrate to ready-to-drink oj from a carton. All my life I've fought with chunks of frozen concentrate in the morning, trying to get the damn stuff to dissolve in the water. Even more recently, I've been drinking only "premium" (not from concentrate) oj, as I think it tastes a little better than reconstituted-from-concentrate oj in a carton. It's a part of my plan to go a little hog wild and live life to the hilt before I become too feeble to appreciate the finer things in life.:smile:

So, what in your life is worth paying a little extra for?
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