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Is the convenience worth 51 cents?

So I needed to replace a burned out 40 watt appliance bulb for our stove range, and I found what looked like two identical bulbs on the shelf at the supermarket, except one was $1.49 and the other, $3.49. So I looked more closely, and saw that the more expensive bulb was a "double-life" bulb that allegedly lasted twice as long as the regular bulb.

But according to the math, I could buy one double-life bulb for $3.49 or two regular bulbs for $2.98. So you'd be paying 51 cents for the convenience of not taking the time to replace a burned-out regular bulb with another regular bulb. What would you do?

I bought two of the regular bulbs. For all I know, the appliance bulb in my refrigerator might burn out next week.


Mar. 10th, 2007 11:22 pm (UTC)
I never did trust long-life bulbs to live up to their claims. Interesting about their susceptibility to vibration.

I have already learned way more than I expected by posting this entry.