Hostirad (hostirad) wrote,

I can't believe I am starting to read Mark Trail

Ever since I was in college, I have been compulsive about at least scanning every page of every section of the local newspaper every day. My favorite section has always been the editorial page. I love to read people's arguments and opinions. (Gee, maybe that's why I read LJ?)

After the editorials, I enjoy (in no particular order), the national news headlines, the local police blotter, the obituaries, sports results from Penn State, our local high school, and my favorite pro teams. I also enjoy the comics.

My reading habits for the comics have changed over the decades. For many years I refused to read no more than 2-3 of the strips I thought were really worth reading. At one point, for a very short time period, I made myself read every single strip (about 20) every day. I don't know why I did this. Most recently I have found myself reading about 30-40% of the strips, but that number seems to be creeping up.

Finally, re: the subject line. There are certain strips that I have held in complete contempt all of my life. I could never imagine myself reading them. One of these is Mark Trail. It is a stupid strip about life in the great outdoors. Each boring plot line crawls along at a snail's pace, with practically nothing happening in the three frames of one strip, so the stories drag on and on.

Well, Jiminy Cricket if I didn't find myself strangely drawn to the strip a few weeks ago when I glanced at it and saw two kids being concerned about the trapping of a pair of beavers who were building an unwanted dam. After some tense moments in which the beavers were separated and nearly killed, it turned out that the dam saved the guy's property because it supplied water to firefighters who put out a raging forest fire. Hurray for the beavers. And they are having babies now!

What is wrong with me?

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