Hostirad (hostirad) wrote,

Spilled blood today for my team

Back in the 1980s Penn State and Pitt had a blood donor challenge to see which school could donate more blood in the weeks preceding the game. Penn State - Pitt was always a blood match, and there was something incredibly primal about spilling my blood for our side.

Then Penn State had to go and join the Big 10, and that was the end of a great rivalry. Penn State made a new arrangement with Michigan State for the blood donor challenge, and I could never really get into it.

I changed my mind this year. For the first time in 12 years, I donated blood. It was incredibly inconvenient because Wednesday is my busiest day of the week. Then after parking downtown and walking to the HUB I found that there would be a two hour wait. So I went home and came back around 4:00. It was worth it. In just over a half-hour, I was on my back with a bunch of college kids with blood draining out of me. (There's something erotic about this, but that's a story for another day.) I was done shortly after five, had a slice of pizza and a cookie, got a free donor challenge T-shirt, and signed my name in the sponsor book with the Penn State Libertarians. Very cool.

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