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VIrtuality first, reality, second

I created a myspace account some months ago just because I heard that Liz Phair had an account and would add anyone as her friend. But I don't really use it and certainly don't employ all the special fx that hard-core users apply to their pages. Nonetheless, I felt obligated to put some basic info into my profile.

This evening I decided to review my profile and I noticed that the only book I had mentioned was one that I finished a long time ago. So I decided to update that section. One book I wanted to add was Bob Spitz's new biography of the Beatles, which I am about half-way through. Because I could remember neither Spitz's name nor the exact title of the book, I reflexively Googled "beatles biography," got the information, and added it.

When I was done I noticed that the book was sitting an arm's length away from me next to my laptop. I had been reading it this morning while waiting for an eye exam, and I put it on my desk when I got home.

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