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There's no place like home

Unit 20 of the Neptune House on Block Island, RI, is our home away from home the 31st week of every year. Getting away to BI for that week is always great. We have a list of standard to-do things during the week: flying a kite at the North Point, body surfing at Mansion Beach, exploring the tide pools at South Beach. Last year we began a new tradition--Ultimate Nachos and blackberry ale at the Mohegan Cafe. Mygod I could do that for lunch and dinner every day, it is that tasty. We also try to do some new things each year. And we also will show around friends and family that visit. This year my cousin Kirsten, her fiance, and his two boys visited the first part of the week and Carolyn's brother, his two kids, and one of their friends visited the second part of the week. Despite threatening forecasts the entire week, the rain fell heavily only a couple of times at night when it didn't matter, so we once again had a wonderful vacation. But by the end of the week I tired of trying to check my email on a 5-minute limit at the public library or paying for it at the Juice & Java, and I also tired of the heavy humidity that made all of my paper limp and soggy. It is good to be back in our home with central air and cable internet connection.

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