Hostirad (hostirad) wrote,

Karaoke Blow-Out Party

It's crass. It's tacky. It exposes innocent listeners to talentless vocalists such as myself. There are not enough bad things I can say about karaoke.

At the same time, for some of us, karaoke is an undeniably good time. What else do washed-up, middle-aged foggies have to live for?

So, last Saturday we held our first karaoke party, inviting a small group of good friends from work. Ulla recorded clips of some of the performances. I don't know if she was using her cell phone or digital camera. Our living room was dark as Hades, so even with some editing, details are not fully distinguishable. Which is probably just as well.

You might not really want to watch yours truly. You have been warned.

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