Hostirad (hostirad) wrote,

My Judeophilia

One of the implicit attitude tests confirms something I've always suspected: that I am somewhat Judeophilic (or whatever the the opposite of anti-Semitic is). Well, technically, the test says I have "a moderate preference for Judaism compared to Other Religions."

You have completed the Judaism-Other Religions IAT.
The line immediately below summarizes the results of your task performance.

Your data suggest a moderate automatic preference for Judaism compared to Other Religions.
If your feedback was 'The result could not be determined', click here.

Your result, reported above, is already corrected for the order in which you took the parts of the IAT. If you have a question about the effect of order, please read the answer to FAQ 1 on the page of FAQs for this test.

The interpretation shown above is described as 'automatic preference for Judaism' if you responded faster when Judaism faces and Good words were classified with the same key as opposed to Other Religions faces and Good words. It is marked 'automatic preference for Other Religions' if you were faster when giving the same response to Other Religions faces and Good words. Depending on the magnitude of your result, your automatic preference may be described as 'slight', 'moderate', 'strong', or 'little to no preference'.

This test measures implicit anti-Semitism, a tendency to associate Jews or Judaism with negative concepts more so than other social groups and religions. Anti-Semitism is widely believed to have declined in the last century, but nevertheless still exists, and may now exist more in implicit than overt form. This test uses symbols associated with Judaism, and contrasts them with combined symbols of several other religions. This design was intended to create a more general test than one that contrasted Judaic symbols with those of just a single other religion.

If you have unanswered questions about the task, please review the frequently asked questions about this type of research. Any followup questions can be directed to the researchers by email at that page.

Actually, I would say that I am not so much pro-Judaism as I am pro-Jews. When I was an undergraduate, all of my favorite professors were Jewish. Some of my best friends are Jews. Many of the people I admire the most in the arts and sciences are Jews. In my entire life I can recall only two Jews that I did not particularly like. One was a neighbor who was simply loony. Another was a professor in graduate school who, for no reason I could fathom, took an extreme disliking toward me, and this hurt my feelings.

The religion of Judaism, on the other hand, I find just as primitive as any religion. The best thing that it has going for it is that members usually do not proselytize. Therefore, my favorite Jews are atheistic Jews. If I had to pick a religion it would be a godless, Eastern religion.

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