Hostirad (hostirad) wrote,

My penchant for obscure models

I have an inconvenient habit of becoming intrigued with obscure models in TV ads, videos, brochures, etc. Oddly, these models are not always the most beautiful women in the world. They are often quite ordinary except for perhaps a unique feature that just catches my eye. Becoming intrigued with these models is inconvenient because I find myself wanting to know more about them, but they are nameless and often difficult to identify. Here are some examples:

In Blink 182's video, All the Small Things, there is a scene in which a model rolls over and over on the beach. After posting queries in several Blink 182 forums two years ago, I finally tracked down the model's name: Jessica Jackson. After that, the trail goes totally cold. Try Googling her name and you'll see how she nearly does not exist. There's an image posted at that hardly does her justice. You have to see the video to appreciate how good looking she is.

Then there was the woman who began appearing in Mercury automobile commercials. Jill Wagner was much, much easier to find because she apparently has an actual career. I went to the Mercury web site which had some of her TV ads posted there for a while. I even ordered their free CD advertisement for a more permanent record of their advertisements. I'm not the only guy who noticed Jill Wagner. See .

Like many men who watched the NCAA basketball tournament, I never got tired of the sweaty dancer in the Old Spice commercial. This one was also easy: Callie Garrison, . Old Spice as even been kind enough to allow viewers to create remixes of the dancing at .

Finally, I've been totally stumped as to the identity of the model in Best Buy's brochure for the Siemens ultraSense washer. Standing in line to check out one day last year, I found my eyes irresistibly drawn to the brochure. Then my legs irresistibly walked me over to the washing machines and my hand irresistibly grabbed one of the brochures to take home. The image on the front of the brochure shows a model with insanely long legs sitting on a chair and leaning over to pick up some laundry in a basket. I can't make up my mind which image I like better: the one on the front or on the second page, where we see the model from the rear, pulling a top over her head. A PDF copy of the brochure can be found at .

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