Hostirad (hostirad) wrote,

Harry Browne strikes a blow against homophobia

I've been spending some time since Harry Browne died on March 1st browsing through his web site, . One of the coolest sections I had not explored before is his archive of eTV shows. One I particularly enjoyed is a debate he has with a religious homophobe:

(The debate starts about 14 minutes into the show, so you'll probably want to fast-forward with the slider to that point.)

Harry Browne is one of the most clear-headed, rational thinkers I have ever encountered. In this debate, he not only shoots down every one of Dozier's arguments, but does so with complete civility, grace, and friendliness. He may not have converted this preacher within the short time span of the debate, but after Browne countered every point Dozier made, Dozier simply had nothing left to say, other than Browne was going to hell. More importantly, Browne really made him think.

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