Hostirad (hostirad) wrote,

Being almost dead is for the birds

So Monday night I have another attack of agony in my gut similar to what put me in the ER the previous Tuesday. Except this time the pain was way worse. Diagnosis: blockage of unknown origin in my small intestine. Treatment: lying in a hospital bed for two days ingesting nothing but ice chips. Wednesday at 2:00 they experiment on me by letting me eat jello and broth. I don't die, so for dinner I get cream of celery soup, ice cream, and milk. By morning I am still alive, so I get eggs and toast. Mind you, I'm still not feeling all that well. My stomach still hurts, but we have to keep seeing how much I can take. Lunch is chicken and broccoli. That doesn't kill me either, so now I am home, and tomorrow I return to work. Man, I hate almost dying.

Two major pieces of bad karma in one week. I think I may have to make a list like Earl.

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