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Worst possible instant karma

kent1 and I have often talked about "instant karma" in which an omniscient but impersonal force seems to punish us for misbehaving, not in the next incarnation but within five minutes or so of the misbehavior.

But I think I have discovered a new kind of bad karma that is so bad that I am going to call it "worst possible karma." WPK is a punishing experience doled out by an omniscient, impersonal, maleficent force right after something really good happens in your life.

For example, on December 12, 2002, I attended a basketball game at my old high school. Our opponent was Williamsport, a team that almost always beat us when I was a student back in the 70s. Williamsport had beat State College every time in their previous 16 meetings, and were favored to beat us again. In one of the most exciting games I ever watched, State College defeated its old rival. I went home ecstatic.

When I got home I had a message on my answering machine. Upon returning the call I learned that my mother had just died. Worst possible karma.

Something happened this past week that was much, much worse than this. I was having a very good, productive Sunday, culminating in hanging a new door in our home office. That night we got a phone call with the most horrible news I have ever received in my life, so bad that I simply cannot write about it publicly. The shock put me in the hospital on Tuesday. I'm just trying to hang on now.

I've only got two words to say to two entities.
Fuck you, deliverer of WPK, whatever you are.
And fuck you, benevolent God, for not existing to intervene in this tragedy.

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