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Still can't seem to stay out of the libertarian community. Only posted one item there just a few minutes ago. I spent much of today getting ready for tomorrow, which is going to be a busy one.

8:30 Mail a burned CD to a fellow Liz Phair fan who had difficulty downloading the new Internet EP
9:30 Deposit some checks; file a claim in small claims court for judgment against a laptop repair guy in Florida who has had my laptop for almost a year
10:00 Meet a representative from Tuition Painters at my mom's house to get an estimate for painting both the outside and inside of the house
11:30 Basketball at Rec Hall
1:30 Return immediate tenure case dossiers to Old Main; grab lunch
2:00 Oil change for the van to prepare for trips to Detroit and Block Island
3:30 Doctor's appointment for blood pressure check and EKG
5:00 Shop for bike rack for van and amplifier for DVD player

My cousin Andy sent an itinerary for what he calls The Eminem 8-mile tour of Detroit this weekend. It looks awesome. And I can't wait for real pierogi.

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