Hostirad (hostirad) wrote,

Tiredness on top of tiredness

So yesterday I thought I could not be any more worn out, due to the recent marathon partying. I was wrong. I had to cancel my plans to take it easy today, maybe finally go see Star Wars, because my wife got an inspiration: We should put in a new front door. The reasoning is that she wants the entrance to our house to look as nice as possible for the guests who will be visiting before and after the wedding. Knowing the deep symbolic significance of houses and especially doors for women, I could not refuse, even though I felt we had enough things to do to get ready for this wedding. Of course putting in a new front door is a "man thing," so, despite never having installed a main front door in my life (only storm doors), the job was mine. And it was a job. I had to figure it out as I went along. It took almost all day, and when I thought I was almost finished, I found that the pre-cut hole for the deadlock was way too small and I spent another hour chiseling it out. My hands ache. My body aches. In a half hour we are biking over to Beaver stadium to see the fireworks. But--hey--we now have a pretty nice-looking entrance to our house.

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