Hostirad (hostirad) wrote,

Burned out

Don't get me wrong; I like to party. Food, drink, making merry--good stuff. But I prefer that such Dionysian events occupy only a small proportion of my life. For every Bacchanal I need at least a week of healthy eating and exercise, and that has not been happening lately. It began last week with the return of the cursed Penn State summer sports camps. Girls volleyball kept us off the basketball courts in Rec Hall and girls basketball kept us out of IM. I might be without hoops until the 11th. On the revelry side of the scorecard, we took Brian out to dinner for his birthday at Cafe 210. Because it was happy hours I felt obligated to drink plenty of reduced price beer. Saturday morning we drove to my brother's house in Harrisburg to celebrate my nephew's graduation from high school. It was also a family reunion for my sister-in-law, and each of the two dozen members of her family brought a ton of food. Jim had a keg of Troegs Pale Ale . Even though we stayed only five hours, I had more food and drink than I really needed. Today Martin and Carrie stopped by to celebrate her turning 21. Thankfully we had only iced tea and crackers with crab dip. Of course tomorrow is the 4th. Enough! What kind of shape am I going to be in when my Polish relatives from Detroit hit town on Wednesday to paint the town red before Martin and Carrie's wedding on Saturday? More importantly, what kind of shape will I be in for the wedding and reception?

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