Hostirad (hostirad) wrote,

Sensation seeking

Sensation-seeking can take many forms. Some sensation-seekers love physical adventures and dangers such as rock climbing and sky diving. Although I like caving and I have driven too fast on occasion, I'm not really much of a dangerous activity guy.

I do like to ingest (legal) sense-shocking substances. Hot, spicy foods. Very strong coffee. Strong, highly alcoholic beer and high-proof spirits. Very rarely do I imbibe to excess. I like my senses to be jolted, not obliterated. There are some illegal substances I have not tried yet that I would like to experience before I die.

I also like shocking, extreme ideas from all over the spectrum. I very much enjoy both Michael Moore and Ann Coulter. I don't know how many people can say that. It doesn't mean I necessarily agree with Moore and Coulter. It's just that, where many people feel outrage about these folks, I find myself being extremely engaged and entertained.

Sex. Self-explanatory.

I enjoy the moderate pain that is an inevitable part of contact in pick-up basketball.

I think I need all of these strong sensations to verify that I am not dead yet.

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