Hostirad (hostirad) wrote,

Having the last word

I generally spend way more time posting in communities such as atheism and libertarianism than in my own journal. Posting in my journal often seems too insular for my liking. I prefer the greater interactivity of commenting on others' thoughts and having them comment on mine.

There's a problem though. More than once I have read through a thread of thoughts on an issue, thought about what was being discussed, and then written a post that I thought was so insightful that it could easily be the last word on the issue. The problem is that often it is the last word. End of thread. There are actually two problems here: 1. Ending a discussion means that there's no more discussing to enjoy. 2. I can't tell whether I've said something so brilliant that there is truly nothing left to say or whether I've said something so remarkably stupid that everyone is rolling their eyes and walking away.

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