Hostirad (hostirad) wrote,

A better version of myself

My son Paul recently discovered his soul in music. This past year has has immersed himself big time into voice lessons, improvising on the piano, writing songs, and playing with several other musicians. It is so odd listening to him create stuff on the piano because that is exactly how I spent a lot of my time when I was his age. Furthermore, his material bears a family resemblance (pardon the pun) to the kinds of things I used to write. Except that he is way better. Way, way better than I was or will ever be.

He and some of his friends made a demo for the local battle of the bands a few weeks ago. I created a Real media version of it and posted it at . Paul doesn't have a big part in the song because his role is to support Nate, who wrote the song and is the centerpiece of the performance. Hopefully I can soon post some of the songs Paul has written on the web.

Their group is playing at a sort of hippie campout in Rebersberg in two weeks, with a bunch of other groups. It looks like fun.

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