Hostirad (hostirad) wrote,

Big Things

I've had my hands full with three contractually obligated papers. Which is a good thing, because they represent three guaranteed items to put on my Faculty Activity Report for my annual evaluation. Yet as I worked on these things, I kept thinking about some of the BIG papers I've been wanting to write. Papers that will communicate ideas that I regard as particularly creative and insightful. Papers that, if still unwritten when I am on my deathbed, will make my last moments full of regret.

Because I am too busy with my contractual obligations to work on these things, I got out a large yellow sticky and wrote at the top of it BIG THINGS. Just like that, in all caps and underlined. The papers are:

1. The Evolution of Morality
2. Actual Motivations for Taking Sides in What Should be Nondebates (Nature/Nurture; Person/Situation)
3. The Hidden Legacy of S-R Psychology and a Complementary Alternative

The seeds of these essays already exist:

3. the above link and also

It's now just a matter of fleshing out the essays. Maybe I can get a sabbatical to do this next year.

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