Hostirad (hostirad) wrote,

Visiting Wally World again

Another Thursday at the IM building, playing with the likes of Wally Richardson. I can't wait until May, when I can get back to Rec Hall and play with people who are closer to my level.

I did have two excellent moments today ;-). One was when I set a pick on Wally which allowed my teammate, Malcolm, to score a bucket. Even better was when Wally got the ball on a fast break and I managed to get between him and the basket. So it was just Wally and me, one-on-one, and when he drove to the basket I managed to block his shot and one of my teammates who arrived later picked up the loose the ball. Yes.

Wally, by the way, is a super-nice, polite, pleasant guy. Being in the NFL apparently didn't go to his head at all. He told me "nice game" when we were done.

Did I just put a positive spin on a story that was supposed to be how I would rather be somewhere else than where I was? Jeesh, I'm losing my dark edge.

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