Hostirad (hostirad) wrote,

1/13 survival rate

I've lived long enough and squirreled away enough junk that I can now amuse myself by poking through drawers, boxes, etc. and discovering things from my past that I had forgotten about.

I especially enjoy checking out old bookmark files. Its a rush to find links to long-forgotten web pages.

Sadly, though, as time goes on, of course, more and more of these bookmarked pages no longer exist. This evening, for example, I looked through 13 bookmarks from a folder I had labeled "Fantasy" from about 8 years ago. Only one of the links still led to an existing web page. Often even the way-back machine cannot recover these lost web pages.

Hello, hello, hello, hello.
Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye.
That's all there is.
And the leaves that are green turn to brown.
And they wither with the wind.
And they crumble in your hand.

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