Hostirad (hostirad) wrote,

The only trouble with having a good time ...

is when it is over.

The trip to New Orleans was a breathe of paradise in the middle of a suddenly frigid, dark winter. We left early Wednesday under conditions in which the plane had to be de-iced both in State College and again in Detroit. What a contrast in New Orleans! Balmy, shirt-sleeve weather greeted us as we walked down Bourbon Street. It did cool a bit as the evening progressed, yet we were still able to sit outside for dinner at Pat O'Brien's, thanks to heaters this establishment had placed on the walls in the courtyard! I had red beans and rice and Carolyn, jambalaya. Of course I had to have a Hurricane and I saved my glass like a shameless tourist. Thursday was even more beautiful, with the temperature going up to 73 degrees and the sun shining brightly. Of course I had to spend most of the day inside at the conference, but after I finished my two presentations, had lunch, and sampled the afternoon program, I beat it out of the Sheraton and joined Carolyn for coffee at Cafe du Monde. We saw a street acrobat show and then went to the top of Club 360 atop the World Trade Center. The view up there was just amazing. We sat for the longest time, watching the sun set and the boats float lazily past us toward the Gulf of Mexico. That evening we were treated to dinner with an exclusive group of personality psychologists by Bob Hogan. The wine and repartee flowed freely. The next morning we had breakfast at Brennans (where else?) and then flew back to State College. The only near-glitch was an overbooked flight from Detroit to SC, but luckily a couple gave up their seats for the next flight and we arrived back home on time.

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