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Seven-year gap?

Recently (or, at least I thought it was recently), I once again began jotting down funny coincidences. The only other time that I wrote down synchronicities was in the 1970s, and the emotional consequences were so intense that I tore up the list.

I had the following synchronistic experience about two weeks ago. I was mulling over what I would be talking about in the closing classes in the Psychology of Well-Being course that I teach. The final two classes were devoted to the topics of death and meaning. As I was mentally rehearsing some points that I wanted to make, I thought about how people often feel that, in order for their lives to have meaning, some aspect of themselves must continue after their physical death, whether it is a soul that continues on, or a body of accomplishments that continues to influence others. The key point of my reverie was that, as I was pondering this issue, the following phrase intruded dramatically into my thoughts: "keep on keepin' on." It is not a phrase that I normally use myself. Now, here's the synchronicty: Later that day, I opened up the December 6th digest of the Yahoo Evolutionary Psychology Group, which was engaged at the time in an interesting discussion of negative attitudes toward sex. The second post in the digest, from a good cyber-friend, Paul Okami, ended with "Keep on keepin' on."

What does this have to do with the title of this post? Well, when I had this "keep on" experience, I had been meaning to add it to the list that I had started "recently." My recollection was that I started this new list of synchronicities just a few months ago. But an electronic search of documents on my hard drive revealed only one file with synchronicities listed in it, and the date was February 1998. This left me wondering, Did I just have a nearly seven-year blackout?

Incredulous, I began searching my entire hard drive again with different criteria. Aha! Now a file called Synchronicty2.rtf appears in an unexpected folder. Date: October 19th, 2004. The mystery is solved. The file was simply in a location other than where I thought it should be. There is, after all, a rational explanation for everything.


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Dec. 23rd, 2004 05:34 am (UTC)
seven year gap
I have found that gaps in time can be fun. I'm not exactly sure how much of my life I have lived in a blackout. I have went seven or eight days in a row sort of coming in and out of reality. I recall drifting in and out many times over several years. The first few times scared the hell out of me. After a while, it became a way of life. I remember thinking that this is just the way it is for me. That was 15+ years ago. Those blackouts were drug and alcohol induced. Now I lose a few minutes here and there but I don't lose days anymore. My current "missing links of time" are usually the result of my lack of attention or intense attention to something trivial.
When I look back on it, I sometimes wish that I had the ability to see everything that happened during those lengthy blackouts. I have asked those who say they were with me, what I acted like and they always said that I was no different than usual. I guess that for the most part I'm grateful that I don't recall everything that I did or the things that happened to me as I'm pretty sure I did many, many things that I wouldn't be proud of. One time that stands out happened in Ocean City Maryland. I had lost some time there. I recall drinking a clear liquid from an unmarked bottle with a few folks whom I didn't know. The next thing that I remember was being in a hotel room with some friends as well as a few new faces. A girl approached me and said, "hello" in a way that made me feel like I should know her. She asked if I remembered her and of course I didn't. She went on to say that she found me naked in an elevator the previous night. I thought that I was being set up by some friends. You know, a little joke. Well, this girl was able to describe a part of my body in great detail that only would have been seen if I were naked. Luckily she was a nurturing person and found some towels for me and retired me in her room. My understanding is that a few pictures were taken that night. I have seen one of them. I have it somewhere. This sort of thing will prohibit me from running for a public office (not that I had planed to). As exciting as it was, I don't miss that part of my life!
As for synchronicity, it has happened some many times that I accept it as a cool part of life. A part that lacks rational explanation.
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