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A Day In the Life of a Professor

1. Sat down to begin reading my email at 8 AM when the phone rang. Someone wanted to know about the air conditioners my wife had advertised in the classifieds. (We now have central air so we are selling 4 individual units.) I was totally unprepared to answer her questions - how many BTUs, what brands, etc.

2. Had to extract, as quietly as possible, four air conditioners from the closets of bedrooms in which people were still sleeping. Not easy. I think I avoided pulling any muscles, but scraped up my thumb on one. At least now I know what brands we have and what the BTU rating is on each one.

3. Spent the morning screwing around with the creation of a CD from Liz Phair's Internet site, because I couldn't concentrate on serious work with the phone ringing all the time. (This is my excuse, anyway. I just don't feel like working.) Capitol Records finally activated the 96K Hertz version of the file containing the 5 extra songs you get for buying Liz's latest album. It is one big .asf file, so after downloading it I had MS Media Player burn it onto a CD to create a big .cda file. I then converted the .cda file to a .wav file with HyCD. I opened the .wav file with GoldWave and searched visually for the silences between songs. I highlighted each individual song and saved both .mp3 and .wav files for later use. Then I burned an audio CD from the 5 .wav files. I had already created a jewel case last night with the art from Capitol's web site and had screwed around for quite a while to create a label from the background image they use at that site. (In fact I had already created a CD last night from the 32K Hz file at Capitol's site because it was the only functioning file at the time. So I was well-practiced to do this again today.)

3. Time for lunch. Turkey sandwich and coffee yogurt.

4. Write the goddamn review of a paper on using Item Response Theory to test the equivalence of paper & pencil and Internet versions of a personality test that was due yesterday. Forced myself to do it and emailed it off to Psychological Methods.

5. It is 1:30 by now. I continue to be interrupted by phone calls about the air conditioner. One guy who had already bought two had to return one because it didn't fit into a strangely shaped window. That's okay. Someone else will buy it. My wife suggests we get the authorized signatures we need from the bank for a fund transfer. So we do that and we stop at Hollywood Video on the way back to get some movies.

6. By the time we get back and I assemble the paperwork to send back to Vanguard the mailman has already come and gone. I have been trying to make this transfer for two months so I prepare to drive to the post office. The phone rings again and I have to wait for someone who wants an air conditioner.

7. After I make the sale I drive to the post office and mail my package to Vanguard.

8. I actually do some statistical analyses and writing for a couple of hours. Bona fide professor work.

9. We have dinner. Italian sausage, shrimp salad, cold baked beans, white shoestring corn.

10. While washing the dishes I decide that this meal needs a Long Island iced tea to make it complete. But I have no cola and I am too lazy to make my own sweet and sour mix. So I drive to the grocery store and end up buying root beer and root-beer-float ice cream in addition to the cola. At the state store I pick up a cheap bottle of Merlot and an expensive (but economical) large bottle of Makers Mark, which is on sale ($4 off). Oh, yes, also a bottle of sweet and sour mix, which was supposed to be the reason for that trip.

11. At home I struggle to replace a reinforcement bar in the middle of the huge screen in the brand new storm door I installed last week. The kids have been pushing on the bar and bending it. My wife bought a steel bar to reinforce it, but we couldn't get it to stay in place. I finally figure the only way to make it work was to put the screen in backward. I went to college.

12. Finally have that Iced Tea. Yum. Looked at some interesting artistic photography web sites.

13. Added kent1 as a friend. Sent a couple of posts to the libertarianism community. (I wonder if I'm doing these links right? First time.)

14. Am updating this journal.

15. Am about to have a beer with my wife on the deck.

This is what professors do during the summer.

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