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Microsoft-Adobe Upgrade Conspiracy

Last week I finally managed to apply the latest service pack upgrades to my MS Office programs. I had been unable to do this at home because during the install process the installer complained that it could not find the original installation CD. Well, I didn't have it because the software had been installed from a central server at work. Try as I might to make contact with the original installation files through Remote Desktop, I did not succeed. So I had to wait until I was logged in to the LAN at work to do the upgrade. I still got some error messages and complaints about not finding things. But, at least some of the upgrading must have taken because ...

Now, whenever I start any of my MS Office apps, I get the following warning: "Microsoft Office Word has detected that your computer has a version of Adobe Acrobat PDFMaker that is known to cause instabilities in Word 2003. To resolve this issue, download an update from Adobe Systems' Web site." Clicking the button labeled More Information took me to the Adobe Web site, where I was told I had to upgrade from Acrobat 5.0.5 to Acrobat 6.

So installing the recommended MS service packs (mostly for security) is forcing me to buy new Adobe software. What a scam.

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