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Up to a point, I don't mind revising stuff that I write. In fact (up to a point), it's fun to polish what I've written--improving word choice, eliminating wordiness, rearranging for clarity, and so forth.

But when I HAVE to revise something, and there's a DEADLINE, the fun kinda goes out of the process. The past week I have been revising a paper on Internet personality testing that has already been accepted for a special issue of the Journal of Research on Personality. The production schedule for the special issue is very tight. All contributors were to submit their first drafts by a certain date (I did) and then write a review on someone else's manuscript by a certain date (I submitted my review a week early), and then respond with a revision that addressed points made by reviewers by September 15th. The trouble in my case is that I received the two reviews of my manuscript 10 days late, but the editor encouraged me to submit my revision by the 15th anyway. Optimistic to the end, I indicated that I thought I could do this. But I just couldn't manage to address over 20 points raised by the reviewers that quickly. The paper has undergone a MAJOR overhaul, but I'm still not done. And I've got to call it a night now because I am exhausted. Good-night.

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