Hostirad (hostirad) wrote,

She don't dance no more

No luck so far getting my old LS-120 drive to read 120MB disks. The new MSI K2M2 motherboard works fine and is more stable than my old FIC AZ-11, but it was not the solution to that problem. I went back on line and searched on keywords LS-120 and K2M2 and found one posting from a tech guy who raved about the K2M2 board a year ago. His hardware list included the LS-120. So I emailed him, asking what his CMOS settings were, in case I was overlooking something. He wrote back and suggested a bunch of things to try, from a good head cleaning to isolating the drive from others to avoid EMI interference to giving it its own IDE slot. I tried everything except the cleaning without avail. I found a post that said ordinary 3.5" cleaners work as well as the $30 LS-120 drive cleaners, which is a good thing since the specialized cleaners do not exist on this planet any more. I searched for 3.5" cleaning kits on the web and they were really cheap, just over $2, although the shipping costs were between $5-9. So I drove to Best Buy, WalMart, and Circuit City in hopes of finding a kit there. No dice. Apparently these days we are supposed to keep only CD and DVD drives clean, not 3.5" floppy drives. So I located the cheapest price for a cleaning kit on the web and will have to sit back and wait.

Oh, yes, the tech guy wrote back a second time with some more ideas, and mentioned that he does not use the MSI board any more (so he can't tell me his CMOS settings) and that he had been running Win98 at the time. My whole problem is that the drive stopped working properly when I switched from Win98 to WinXP. Oh, well.

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