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Good ol' MSI

Yesterday I committed to trying to fix my ailing desktop with a MSI K2M2 motherboard. It is close to what I was looking for--Socket A and supports the old SDRAM DIMMs. Interestingly, it also supports DDR, giving me the option to upgrade. I found four places on the Internet that were selling it for about $60, but I also noticed that one of our local stores, Master Computer, listed it on their web site. So I decided to trot down there to check out the price (not listed on the web). I printed out one of the $60 offers to see if I could dicker them down from their list price. (This has worked for me several times before.)

Unfortunately, when I arrived at the store they informed me that they were out of that board and did not plan on restocking. They said someone came in last week, looking for the same board and had to tell him the bad news, too. I asked if they had anything comparable, and the sales person tried to convince me to consider a generic board with a bunch of add-on cards for $145. WTF. So I drove home and ordered from a store in Wisconsin. The board should arrive tomorrow. Long live Internet sales.

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