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Moral Philosophy

I have my own moral philosophy, posted at:

Below are the results of a moral philosophy test I took at http://selectsmart.com/PHILOSOPHY/ (thanks to operationpetty for this link).

Among those on the list, I would say my position is actually closest to David Hume's, although my philosophy is a form of utilitarianism similar to John Stuart Mill's and Jeremy Bentham's. I also find admirable points in Epicurus and in Sartre's and Nietzsche's existentialist views. Kant came in way too high in my results. I think Kant is a dick--the most overrated philosopher of all time. And Ayn Rand came in too low. I'm no objectivist, but I am sympathetic to Rand's views on morality.

1. Epicureans (100%)
2. Jean-Paul Sartre (90%)
3. John Stuart Mill (81%)
4. Nietzsche (79%)
5. Thomas Hobbes (77%)
6. Jeremy Bentham (74%)
7. David Hume (72%)
8. Kant (69%)
9. Cynics (62%)
10. Stoics (61%)
11. Ayn Rand (60%)
12. Spinoza (56%)
13. Aquinas (53%)
14. Nel Noddings (46%)
15. Aristotle (43%)
16. St. Augustine (40%)
17. Plato (30%)
18. Prescriptivism (21%)
19. Ockham (15%)o


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Jul. 7th, 2004 06:40 pm (UTC)
my friend marisa wanted to write a book called "Kant is a Stupidhead"

she and i also discussed co-authoring a humorous anti-Freud book called "Penis-Schmenis"
Jul. 7th, 2004 06:54 pm (UTC)
he was a real piss ant. :D
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