July 19th, 2007


Where were they when the atrocities were happening?

As my two-week trip to Germany/Austria is winding down, I find myself reflecting on our visit to Dachau last week.

One of the most prominent features of this memorial is a set of religious shrines on the grounds to, apparently, decry what happened and to call for healing and peace.

I'm thinking, "That's just swell, but where the F were these religious people when the horrors were going on?" It seems to me that they are just cashing in on an opportunity to display their love of peace on the bones of all who suffered and died here.

As a matter of fact, I read a history on the wall of the Protestant shrine that the building of this particular shrine was blocked for years, due to anger from those who saw the church as complicit in the Nazi atrocities. It took campaigning from a group of Dutch former prisoners to add the Protestant shrine to the Catholic and Jewish shrines. Now all of these groups can display their virutousness to all Dachau visitors.

Vacation memories

Every time I take a vacation, I can't help but think about what research by Mitchell, et al. says about selective memories of positive events and repression of negative events. Furthermore, research Wirtz, et al. says that when people consider vacationing again, the probability of doing so depends on the (biased) recalled events rather than actually experienced events.

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