June 8th, 2006


Monk's: Good Food, Good Beer

I'm in Philadelphia for four days, attending the Human Behavior and Evolution Society conference. Tonight my colleagues and I had dinner at Monk's Cafe. We had to wait 40 minutes for a table large enough for the eight of us. This was not a problem given that we could drink Belgian beer while we were waiting. I had Chimay Cinq on tap.

For dinner I had their Roasted Chicken. Here's the description:

half of a locally raised chicken, rubbed with herbs de provençe & scented with a slice of orange. served with vegetable and our suffing made with chicken & apple sausage

This might have been the most delicious chicken meal I have ever had in my life.

Good food, good beer, and stimulating conversation about evolutionary psychology and literature. Does it get any better than this?