June 17th, 2005


Proof that magical thinking works

There are three reasons I posted the 1144-word essay on Paul's broken computer yesterday.

First, I just needed to retrace all of the steps I had taken to see if any ideas would occur to me about something I had missed. No ideas occurred to me.

Second, I wanted the ordeal to be posted in the event I asked a computer-savvy person to review my problem. I asked no one.

Third, an insane part of my brain figured that if I posted my analysis of how it does not make sense that the computer is not working after what I did, then the computer would have to succumb to my thoughts and start working.

And that's exactly what happened.
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All cordless mice are not created equal

Now that the storm-damaged computer saga is over, I can share an observation on the longevity of cordless mice.

A year or two ago I bought a Logitech Cordless Mouseman Optical 4-Button USB mouse (M/N M-RM63) for my desktop computer. It has worked flawlessly all this time and I don't remember changing the batteries, ever.

In contrast, last year I purchased a more problematic Targus Wireless Mini Optical Mouse (PAWM-10) for my laptop. Within a month or so it failed and I had to mail it to Targus for a replacement. Then I found that the batteries drain VERY quickly, even when I switch the mouse off. If I forget to turn off the mouse a couple of times, the batteries will die within two weeks.

I'm amazed at the difference between the mice.
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