September 5th, 2004


Another good person down

I originally took an interest in LiveJournal a couple of years ago when I found that fluke was blogging there. I "met" fluke on line in 1990-1, the year I lived in Germany. He is one of the brightest, most creative, fascinating persons I have known, and it was great to be able to follow his thoughts in LJ. After lurking in LJ for about a year I finally joined as a paid member last year and just last month renewed my membership for another year.

Then, just recently, fluke's account was suddenly suspended, for reasons I've mentioned in earlier entries. My personal communications with him indicate that he and LJ are in a standoff that is unlikely to be resolved. A good person down.

Now, this morning I read that avocadonumber has written her last LJ entry. avocadonumber is a talented musician and passionately independent thinker. But now she seems totally disaffected with LJ. Another good person down.

fluke and avocadonumber were the two bloggers I most looked forward to reading each day.

Hello, hello, hello, hello.
Good-bye, good-bye, good-bye, good-bye.
That's all there is.
And the leaves that are green turn to brown.
And they wither with the wind.
And they crumble in your hand.
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    Leaves That Are Green - Simon and Garfunkel