September 25th, 2003


Pocketop rocks

My Pocketop wireless collapsible keyboard arrived today. Unlike the Targus "Universal" IR keyboard, it actually works with my Casio E200 Pocket PC. Hooray!

Been doing some cool stuff with the Casio lately. Yesterday I connected the earphone output to my van's stereo system and blasted Liz Phair down Beaver and up College Avenue. I also discovered that a Pocket PC can connect to an XP machine via Remote Desktop. Now that was amazing, logging in to my laptop running XP downstairs with my wireless-enabled Casio upstairs. Not that this is terribly practical--not much of the desktop appears at once on the tiny Casio screen. It's just the fact that it can be done that is cool.

Now that I can enter text more quickly, I think I'll be using the Casio even more for stuff.
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