June 16th, 2003


Back to pick-up basketball

It was good to get back on the hardwood today. Rec Hall was closed on Friday. Played four games today. The first was excellent. I played my smoke and mirrors defense, fooling the other team into thinking I didn't see what they were up to, and then breaking up plays. I also scored a couple of baskets by getting away from my man for easy shots. It was a very intense game, with a couple of all-stars on each team. We prevailed. The second game was okay but not memorable. I wish I could forget the third game. Almost everyone on their team was a runt, even shorter than I am. They had only one good player. Somehow they beat us. I don't normally play more than three games, but I wanted redemption. All the left-overs from the two courts got together for the last game, which was pretty sloppy. I didn't play particularly well, but we did win. Hope I can take it up a notch on Wednesday.
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