Hostirad (hostirad) wrote,

Christmas in June

It felt a lot like Christmas today.

Ever since I spent my 1990-91 sabbatical year in Bielefeld, Germany, I've been wanting a bed like the one we slept on there. It was a very simple bed supported by a bowed wooden slat system called Lattenroste mit Federholzrahmen (z.B. Well, after much Internet searching, I finally found a bed at IKEA that closely approximates that bed. It is called Lillehammer:*10144.

And over the weekend, after Carolyn took Mike to the Philly airport, she stopped at IKEA and got two twin Lillehammer beds. That is the way they do it in Germany--no queen or king beds, just twin beds pushed together. Although this setup interferes somewhat with intimacy, it is great for allowing one person to sleep through the other person's bouncing around on their bed in the middle of the night.

Of course some assembly was required. Quite a bit, actually. Even wearing gloves, I began developing callouses from the number of screws that had to be twisted and twisted and twisted .... Great workout for the wrist.

But the final result was worth all the work. A beautiful, European-style bed.

If that was not enough, the Pioneer VSX-55TXi receiver I had been waiting for for so long finally arrived. What a beaut! I'm still waiting for the custom-made Axion surround speakers to arrive from Canada, but I think tomorrow I am going to hook up my old AR-15 speakers just to get some amplified music in my living room. It has been many, many months since my previous receiver died, and my living room has been devoid of hearty sounds for all that time. But now the new home entertainment system is nearly complete.

Now I am going to sleep on that wonderful new bed.

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