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Recovered ping pong ball

Today I once again spent a few hours with my brother, going through stuff in my mom's house, deciding what to throw away and what to keep. Deciding what the hell we are going to do with the stuff we are keeping represents another level of decision-making, one that we are both putting off for now. Over the past several weeks, each of us has been accumulating small piles of family memorabilia in corners of our respective houses, knowing full well that we can't very well leave these piles of stuff on our floors indefinitely, but not yet knowing what we are going to do with everything.

Anyway, here's the ping pong ball story. On one of the walls in what used to be my bedroom in our old house is a metal plate that covers a recess in the wall about the size of an electrical outlet. I believe this space was created in the event that we would ever want to install someting like a telephone jack. Don't think it could have been for cable, because when the house was built (1962-3), cable hadn't been established. In fact, cable still does not extend to the remote location where our house sits. Okay, okay, the ping pong ball story. When I was a teenager, for some reason I unscrewed the metal plate, placed a ping pong ball in the recess, and screwed the plate back on. That would be over 30 years ago. Today I decided to retrieve the ping pong ball. I announced my intention to Jim, who followed me into the bedroom. I had to pull an empty book cabinet away from the wall to expose the metal plate. There it was. I unscrewed the plate, and there was the ping pong ball. What could anyone say exect, "I'll be darned." I checked on the condition of the ball by bouncing it a few times. It bounced well. I took it home.

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