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Emotional Extremes

A year ago today, at almost exactly this hour, I went from one of the most ecstatic states of my life to one of the saddest.

I began my evening by attending the State High basketball game against nemesis Williamsport. Back in high school I loved basketball and our team so much that I saw almost every game, both home and away. We were very good when I was in high school, but Altoona and Williamsport almost always beat us. When I moved back into the State College area in 1992, I thought about attending games again for the first time in 20 years. And I did see a game now and again. But last year I decided to see every game I could, and I was really excited about attending the Williamsport game. State High had not beaten Williamsport in something like 18 years, but the team was really good last year (they eventually won the state championship), so I knew this one could be a classic. It was, with electrifying excitement down to the last seconds and an incredible win. I was ecstatically jubilant.

Shortly after I returned home, the phone rang. It was my brother. He told me to sit down. And then he told me that our mom had just died.

I can't believe it's been a year.

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