Hostirad (hostirad) wrote,

My Day

6 AM Woke up to cats yowling. Fed them and then disposed of three dead voles.
7:45 Drove Paul and Patrick to high school.
8:15 Bought new answering machine at Office Max.
9:00 Signed deed papers at lawyer's in Bellefonte.
9:45 Drove Mike to campus.
10:00 Picked up a fourth cell phone and coverted accounts to a family plan.
10:30 Stopped at Centre Glass to pay for new windshield for van. $270. Went home.
10:45 Biked back to Centre Glass in pouring rain, getting totally soaked despite wearing a raincoat.
11:00 Put bike in van, parked on North Sparks and biked to Rec Hall.
11:15 Played three games of basketball, alternating between brilliance and total incompetence. Lost all three games.
1:15 Stopped at service station to get replacement inspection sticker for van. Took 25 minutes.
1:45 Picked up Mike, went home.
2:00 Lunch.
2:15 Went to Weis to pick up a few items and cat litter.
2:45 Drove to my mom's house to pick up some things I am getting from the estate.
5:00 Cooked dinner.
6:00 Ate dinner.
6:30 Took out garbage. Spent over an hour in laundry room where rain leaked in over the cat litter that the cats had spread all over the floor.
8:30 Read email. Updated LiveJournal.
9:00 Am about to watch final episode of The Bachelor.

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