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I thought I knew about music on the Internet, but I guess there is always more to learn. One of Mike's friends, Rocky, told me about a site called I've seen plenty of music databases in my time, but this one is really neat. I'm particularly enamored of the feature that they call the "tone" of the artist. Tonight as I was making a CD from my vinyl Court of the Crimson King, I decided to look up King Crimson's tone. Here is is:

Epic, Sprawling, Meandering, Austere, Reflective, Intense, Plaintive, Wistful, Fiery, Ominous, Complex, Gloomy, Rousing, Poignant, Trippy, Aggressive, Quirky, Theatrical, Cerebral, Sophisticated, Eerie, Brooding, Volatile

No wonder I like King Crimson.

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