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Mystery Polish People

Or should it be "Polish Mystery People?" Anyway, yesterday we took home some of the personal property we chose from my mom's estate. Included were a small writing desk and a two-drawer wood file cabinet. Both still had stuff in them; I figured we could just sort through what was there and throw away anything not worth keeping. Among the papers and knick-knacks in the drawers of the writing table were some Polish return address my mom saved from letters that someone (presumably relatives) from the old country sent her. For example, Maria Kryszczyk, Modliborzyce 20, Goroszyce 27-553, woj. Tarnobrzeg. I guess Tarnobrzeg must be a happening place because the city does have a web site, . In the file cabinet I found some photographs, dated May 1986, of a Polish family, but none of the names mentioned on the back of the photos (Marta, Michal) corresponded to the names in the return addresses. I guess I'll have to ask my Uncle Denny if he can ID these folks.

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